Rank Checker: Tools for checking Google Keyword Ranking

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Rank your blog by analyzing competitor’s using Rank Checker Tools

Every blogger wants to know How well their blog being ranked on SERP pages? It is necessary to check their Google Ranking for targeted keywords using Rank Checker tools and also to analyze their competitor keywords.

It will not bring you success if you just write and publish articles without targeting particular keywords. Hence I want to remind you one point is finding keywords on your website before writing an article.

There are many tools available on the internet to find your competitor keywords to write an article for? Take advantage of those tools to find well-performing keywords in the niche and write articles.


SemRush, Google Keyword search tools, and Ahrefs are the best rank checker tools out there in the market to find keywords for articles.

After finishing up writing an SEO-optimized post using targeted keywords, add some related images to add more value to your post, and then publish it on your blog under the proper category.

The very next task is to keep track on monitor your published page,

how well they are performing in Search Engines?

How well they were ranked?

Do work on Off-Page SEO tasks to build Quality Back Links for the page using proper anchor text to improve the ranking for the particular post.

Again Proper keyword selection is the main factor to achieve better Google Ranking in SERP pages.


What are Keywords?

Keywords are termed as a Single Word or combination of two or more words or a sentence which users use to type in Google Search Form to get results for their search.


For example, if a user wants information to buy a mobile phone means usually he will use some of the following keywords.

  • Mobile Phone Prices
  • Mobile Phone price list
  • Mobile Phone 2017 prices
  • Mobile phone price in India
  • Android Mobile phone price
  • Mobile price in Feb 2017
  • All mobile phone price list

As a webmaster or a blogger, you must write an article based on these keywords. And keyword research will not stop here, you can use competitor keyword analysis tools such as SemRush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Research Tool, etc. to find more similar keywords and their average monthly searches.

Create a filter based on average monthly search and create a list. Use Google Search to find the list of blogs that ranked top for the list of keywords. Now write articles based on the search.


What is Keyword Tracking?

It is the process of monitoring and analyzing a particular keyword or list of keywords on basis of their performance over a different period of time in different search engines.

All webmasters or bloggers and SEO companies are doing keyword tracking as a part of their Off-page SEO working plan to beat their competition for better ranking in SERP pages.


What is the Importance of Keyword Ranking?

Tracking keyword and keyword ranking are extremely important if you want to boost your search for organic traffic and generate revenue from your blog.

Following are the benefits that you will get:

  • It will increase your Ad revenue
  • It will increase your product sales
  • It will improve your site presence
  • It will improve your blog ranking

So you have come to know the importance of Google rank for your blog. Now let’s see what are all the tools available on the internet to check your keyword ranking.


Useful Google Rank Checker Tools:

1.) SemRush

2.) Ahrefs

3.) Open Site Explorer

4.) SMALL SEO Tools Keyword Checker

5.) Google position checker tool

6.) SERP Keyword Checker Tool

7.) SEO Centro Keyword checker tool



SEMRush is my favorite tool on this list because of it’s easy to use and user-friendly interface making me evaluate the results much easier. And as a result, I come forward to try this tool for keyword checking.

It allows you to enter your Website / Blog URL or an individual blog post URL (Blog post). Then select the Google Geographic database where you want to drive results.

After it will show you a list of top-performing keywords on a result URL, Organic Search Position, Traffic Percentage, Keyword ranking, total backlinks for this URL.


Other information includes Competitor analysis such as competitor keywords, their top pages in their blog, total backlinks, etc.

Also, you can check for Particular Keyword Ranking, competition, Average monthly searches, Rank position in the last 12months.

One of the best features I would recommend using SEMRush is you can bind Google Webmaster and select a particular Geographic location to get results. You can add Bing Webmasters also.

Presently 14Google database has been there to analyze results. You can try 14 – day free trial of this tool and later you can decide to subscribe.

I recommend SEMRush to try as this is the best tool available on the internet that comes with an additional feature of displaying a list of your competitor’s.




It is another free keyword analysis tool available in the market next to SEMRush.

Worth to try.

It is loaded with tons of great features such as Ahrefs Rank, Domain Rating, URL Rating, a list of backlinks, referring domains, and total organic keywords ranked for?


Backlinks are one of the important factors that determine a blog ranking in the search engine result pages. Ahrefs comes with a tool named Backlink profile that gives you a detailed analysis of new, lost, and broken backlinks.

This is a Great tool that lets you deeply analyze your back link profile which helps you to improve your Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Keyword Explorer tools let you explore Keyword Difficulty, search volume, Keyword ideas, suggested keywords that you can easily be ranked, SERP overview, etc.


It’s not mean that you will get top 10 rankings once you wrote an SEO-optimized blog post based on the use of the best keyword analysis tool. There are other factors to concentrate and those are On _ Page SEO and Off _ Page SEO.

Blogging is not just writing articles after thorough keyword research, it’s an art of how well you presenting those articles to your blog visitors?

YOU CAN TRY AHREFS as it is loaded with more features.


Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer from Moz Tools is one of the best free rank checker tools from Moz Tools. Once you have access to Moz, you will have access to this tool also.

However, from outside you can see a website Domain Authority and Page Authority. Page Link Metrics such as Blog discovered and a total number of established links.

As you might remember or not at the top of this article, I noted, just writing an SEO Optimized Blog Post isn’t enough to rank well on SERP pages.

Proper On-page and Off-page SEO activities should also be included as well to rank a blog page or entire blog at the top of the SERP pages.


Link Building or backlinking is the important task of gaining Blog Ranking. For this, you need to know your competitor and the location of their backlinks.

Open Site Explorer will explore these data from your competitor link profile which will help you to work on a strategy to get some backlinks for your blog post or blog.

It will give you a detailed analysis of the Linking page, Link Anchor Text, Spam Score, Page Authority and Domain Authority, etc.

TRY OPEN SITE EXPLORER, reveal your competitor backlink profile, and beat them to rank at the top.


SMALL SEO Tools Keyword Checker

Small SEO tools as you know already having a huge collection of Free SEO tools. Among them, the Keyword Position Tool is the best way to check your Google keyword ranking.

This tool is free which will check your Keyword position in different Search Engines.

Open the rank checker tool page by clicking this link. On the page, you will be presented with a web form asking for some details to enter.


First write your Domain name, next choose your Search Engine to analyze. Now enter the Keyword, you can enter up to Five keywords but I suggest to enter only the Focus keyword.

Now let the Page Range be 1 –  10 itself, complete Google Captcha, and hit Check Position.

Your results will be in a minute.

I tried checking for the same Focus keyword which I used in SERP Rank Checker and Google Position Checker and got the sample Results as well.


The page holds its ranking position as no. 43 in the Google search engine. Similarly, you can check for other different search engines as well from their list.

Other tools from them which are free to try were:

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Page Authority Checker
  • Backlink checker
  • Website SEO score checker
  • Moz ranking
  • Alexa ranking
  • Reverse Image Search

TRY SMALL SEO TOOLS to check your ranking for a particular keyword.


Google Position Checker Tool

It is an excellent free tool that helps to check a website’s Google ranking for a particular keyword. I mean “Focus Keyword” you use in the entire article.

If you run a Word Press blog you will come to know what Focus Keyword is. This is the primary keyword your article will rank for in Google Search Engine result pages.

Ok, let me come to the point of how to get the result using this tool.

Open this tool by clicking this link, then you will be presented with a form asking for the URL, Keyword, and region.


Simply fill the form and solve Captcha. Hit Submit and here you will get the result.

An example: I have written an article on the Focus Keyword “SEO Optimized Article Writing” published approx 1 Month ago.

I was curious to know how well it performed on the SERP pages. Hence, I simply gave the URL to search, Keyword to find and Region to analyze.

Alas! My site ranked no. 42 for the keyword.

You too can do similar searches for all your list of keywords.



SERP Keyword Checker Tool

This is another amazing free Google Keyword Rank Checker tool from SERP.com. There is one difference with this tool when you compare it with the Google position checker tool.

Here, you can select any of the two most famous Search Engine databases, one is Google and another one is Yahoo, to retrieve results.

You can either select Google or Yahoo to find the Google keyword ranking position on your blog page.

Here, I used the same focus keyword “SEO optimized article writing” and I got more similar results.


My page for the selected keyword Ranked no.39 in the Google Search Engine database.

The ranking is more equal, the Google position checker tool shows 41, and SERP Rank Checker shows 39. It is acceptable as there is always been a difference in the analysis by different bots.


You can even perform a search to know your rankings on both Mobile and Desktop devices which Google’s position checker tool doesn’t have.

TRY SERP KEYWORD ranking tool here.


SEO Centro Keyword checker tool

SEO Centro is a web marketing resource with varied SEO tools to try.

SEO Centro Rank checker tool comes with some more advanced features than the other two tools.  With this tool, you can even check your competitor URL performance based on the same Focus Keyword you used.


With this tool, you can perform a keyword audit and its performance on Multiple search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) at once.

The result will give you a complete list of TOP 50 competitor URLs ranked for the same keyword you use. The result includes all three major search engines and those were Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You can also check your Ranking position over different periods. Position History will give you the result you need.


Other tools offered by SEOCentro was:

  • SEO Analyzer
  • Meta tag analyzer
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Mobile-Friendly tester
  • Page speed tester
  • Social media shares
  • Keyword Analyzer
  • Alexa rank checker
  • Page rank checker

All their tools were FREE to use and give it a TRY AT SEO CENTRO TOOL here.


Final Thoughts

Writing and publishing articles, updating your blog daily isn’t enough to rank better in Google Search. Continuous monitoring, analysis, and reporting are the most essential things to boost your search traffic.

Keyword Tracking will show you how your blog pages are performing in Google and other search engines.

The above-listed Rank checker sites are the results of my research and I personally tried all of them. Just go through all those sites and make your decision about Keyword ranking.

I am sure this article will help you a much to understand the importance of checking for Google keyword ranking.  Is there anything that I missed somewhere here? Let me know!

Always eager for discussion…

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Rank Checker: Tools for checking Google Keyword Ranking

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