Increase website traffic: Proven system for SEO in 2018

10 Proven tricks in 2018 to increase website traffic


As a blogger, everyone wants traffic to their blog to generate some revenue (or) to share something. To drive traffic, we need to perform an activity called Search Engine Optimization [SEO] to drive and increase website traffic.

No matter what you do and how you do? but your website traffic was not increasing at all. Also, it doesn’t make enough money.

Confused isn’t huh?

increase website traffic

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Well, I am having some good news for those bloggers and webmasters, to learn some possible tricks to increase website traffic with just tweaking some small changes in your blog (or) website.

Let’s discuss these changes and to-do list in the rest of the article, but before that, you should realize one thing, SEARCH TRAFFIC is not the everything.

However, most blogger’s were entirely relying on Search Engine traffic is the only mean and work every day to improve their blog rank.


1.) They perform various activities in both On-Page and Off-Page routine with an aim of the first-page rank in Google. But when you see that there are no changes often, less traffic (or) no traffic to your blog from search engines, you will be fed up.

2.) Otherwise, your SEO giving you very good results and at one time, Google rolls out an algorithm update, and your blog gets hit and lost its ranking.

Your primary source of traffic fails you, it means the end of your business.

Huh… That’s a bad thing,

But for God sake, stop relying entirely on search traffic because there are other sources of traffic where you can get potential audiences.


There are lots of articles about how to increase website traffic? But when you look at them, there is no solid proven system that tells you actionable step by step procedure.

When you have the right systematic procedures to apply, you can implement it and you can see the significant growth in your traffic numbers.


In this post, we are going to discuss the tips about, How to increase website traffic and blog traffic leveraging different traffic sources.

Before getting into this thing, first, let me explain you the different sources of traffic.

What you learn here?

Different sources of website traffic

1.) Direct Traffic
2.) Referral Traffic
3.) Social Traffic
4.) Organic Traffic

How can I increase my website traffic?

1.) Know your current statistics
2.) Write Better Contents
3.) Write Killer Headlines
4.) Add Images
5.) Internal Links
6.) Leverage Social Media

6.1.) Fix a schedule
6.2.) Don’t spam
6.3.) Add Sharing Button

7.) USE Quora
8.) Leverage Reddit
9.) Advertise everywhere
10.) Guest Blogging


Different sources of website traffic:

1.) Direct Traffic:

When people land on your website either by typing your blog URL directly in their browser’s address bar (or) from a bookmark. Sometimes, URL’s from emails also categorized as direct blog traffic.


2.) Referral Traffic:

When other websites start sending visitor’s to your blog, then that traffic was called as referral traffic. This can be possible through placing your banner ads (or) text ads in other blogs.

By Guest Posting also, you can get referral link from another blog. Off-Page practice such as Link Building, Blog commenting, Forum participation contributes to referral traffic.


3.) Social Traffic:

The name itself describes you that the visitors coming from different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus were called as social traffic.

When you post any updates on your timeline (or) direct link to lead page will drive social traffic.


4.) Organic Traffic:

It is otherwise called as Search Engine Traffic (or) Natural Traffic, which means people visit your blog by clicking the link in the search engine result pages. Major search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc, will list your blog based on your keywords in their search results.

When people search for something and if your blog matches with their search, chances are your blog may show up at the top of their search results.


There are some other methods to drive website traffic and those are email marketing, SMS marketing, starting a CPC/PPC campaign etc.

So now, you got an idea that there are so many different sources of traffic to your blog.

Let’s see how to leverage these traffic and increase your overall blog traffic to get more sales and revenue.


How can I increase my website traffic?

1.) Know your current statistics:

This is the crucial part of your website traffic improvement strategy, you need to know your current traffic statistics and the different sources.

Figure out the percentage of their contribution in your overall traffic report. To get this detail, log in your Google Analytics report.

Go to Acquisitions > Overview to find the different sources of your blog traffic.

audience overview

Prepare a spreadsheet consisting of these following data,

Unique Visitor’s, Sessions, Page Views, Bounce Rate, Average time on site, pages per session.

Let me explain you,

Unique Visitors: An real human land on your blog page in the first 24Hrs GMT.

Sessions: When the same visitor return to your blog more than one time in the same 24Hrs GMT.

Page Views: The number of pages he/she surfed during their visits.

Bounce Rate: The percentage difference of the visitors who come to your website and leave without spending time (or) viewing other pages in your website.

Average time on site: The total time spent on your blog page (or) otherwise called visitor’s engagement.

Page Per Session: The average number of pages surfed during one visit (or) session by a visitor on your website.

Hmm, once you got all these information, you can easily find the area of improvements to increase website traffic.


2.) Write Better Contents:

Every business was started to sell something like products (or) services to the people, called as their customer’s (or) Buyers. The online businesses need traffic to make sales.

When a visitor comes to your website/blog, what they actually look for is the information you have written.

The information is what we called as Content.


The most common reason for the failure of many online businesses was a poor content marketing strategy, (or) they are taking it as a serious part of their business.

SEO works well when you have an effective content marketing strategy in place.

So, how do you create better content? that outrank your competitor’s and increase the chance of ranking well in SERP results.

There are different types of content you can include in your strategy:

  • Blog post
  • Ebook
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Podcast
  • Infographics (recently popular)

Write a lengthy content of more than 2000 words including these strategies and add statistical data’s that reveal your dedication in your article.

Also, Google and the most other search engines give priority to the blog posts having more than 2000words for their ranking index.

You need to define your primary goal of your content, to whom you are writing and what you could come up at the end of the article?

Add media such as Images, Videos, Statistics, Studies to add more value and helps to outrank your competitor’s easily.

Post frequently and update your blog at least 3 – 4 times a week.

Update old post by removing outdated information and adding latest knowledge graphs.


3.) Write Killer Headlines:

In the search results, people click only on the snippet’s that is having a compelling headline and this is what that sells the content.

[clickToTweet tweet=”A great headline with deep information is the key to success of getting more clicks in SERP results.” quote=”A great headline with deep information is the key to success of getting more clicks in SERP results.” theme=”style3″]

So, list all your existing articles in a spreadsheet and based on your Google Analytics report, reorder the post that having more traffic. As we are going to push those contents that already have SE traffic.

compelling article title

A great headline comprises of the right targeted keywords and the right length. So, you should work on finding the right keywords using Google Keyword Planner (or) KW FINDER for possible changes in your existing post title.

Utilize these tips for your post headlines:

  1. Use of list post title
  2. Ask a question
  3. Create curiosity and sense of urgency
  4. Trigger reader’s emotion
  5. Pinpoint the subject clearly, immediately.

Once you come up with a compelling headline, start writing compelling content based on the tips as explained above.

Personalize your writing so as visitors may be hooked up reading your entire content and may end up taking an action either purchase the product you recommend (or) take the lead.

Meta Description also important that pushes the reader to click on your link in SERP pages. So, write a descriptive description for your article to add value to your compelling headline.

Improve On-Page SEO first and fix all mistakes at the beginning before starting implementing these actionable tips to drive results.


4.) Add Images:

add imagesOne image speaks 1000 words. Yes, that’s true.

Even if you have golden content written without adding a single image has no value when compared with the normal content that has eye-catching images.

Images do a wonders for your blog traffic, and they visualize your blog to appeal better than your competitor’s.

Add your image next to your post title, give your reader’s a push to read the information you have written on your content.

Hire a graphic designer (or) learn photoshop to design the best images for your next articles if you truly wanted to increase website traffic.



5.) Internal Links:

Internal linking refers to an act of linking other pages that is related to the current page (or) information. This means that you are adding more value to your reader’s and thus helps in decreasing bounce rate and increase average page per session.

You can find in your analytics statistics about the bounce rate and page per session if you have negligible values try working on internal links in your pages. This helps your readers navigate your website easily, thus improve your blog ranking.

Write contents of more than 2000 words and include images, statistics and don’t forget to link other pages related to the present post.

You can link externally to other blogs if you found that has added more value to your user’s, but remember they will leave your blog soon.

Always link at least 2 – 5 articles internally in your every article and don’t overdo it.

Use keywords and lengthy phrases as your anchor text for linking articles.

Give links only if you find it will be useful for your readers. Don’t do just for the sake of linking.


The above system helps you come up with a solid quality content about the topic. Now you need to put your blog in front of the millions of the eyes by performing Off-page SEO.

It includes link-building, Blog commenting, forum posting, social sharing etc. Let’s discuss this in further in this article.

Social media is the biggest key to drive instant traffic to your blog. Let’s discuss how to come out with creating engaging contents for your social media.


6.) Leverage Social Media:

After you published a post on your blog, you need to promote it through social media. There are the different platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram Pinterest etc.

I use these social platforms to share my contents whenever I publish and I scheduled some posts sharing for the future.

After you publish a post on your blog, people will not visit your blog unless you promote. You should be proactive to promote your content on different social media.

You need to learn how to optimize the same content that fits all platforms. For an example,

To post on Facebook, your content should consists:

  • A high-quality photo
  • Clear description of the article (80 – 200Words)
  • A compelling headline that creates curiosity.

Similarly, it may match Twitter, Google Plus too.


6.1.) Fix a schedule:

You should share on social media any-time (or) when you are free? They have their own set of rules to follow. You should not over-share (or) under-share your content.

Post during peak hours such as 09:00am to 10:00am morning and 12:00pm to 1:00pm noon and 04:00pm to 05:00pm evening and 07:00pm to 08:00pm before night.

This works very well and puts your content at the top of the timeline before the millions of the eyes.

Do an A/B test on your social media contents for the same article because to determine the engagement of your audience.


6.2.) Don’t spam:

Spam occupies everywhere on the internet. But it does not mean that you are free to do it.

Create a strategical plan for social promotion and start posting. When a post doesn’t give you the desired results, don’t overdo it many times.

Instead, try mixing contents, such as images, videos, statistics to share with your followers.

Some time, share other influencers content in your timeline that will improve your follower’s engagement.


6.3.) Add Sharing Button:

When people come to read your blog post and if they sound interesting, they usually say a word about it in their network.

For this process, you need to add social sharing button at proper place to catch your audience eye.

There are so many different free and premium WordPress plugins available on the market. Select the best one and place on your blog.


7.) USE Quora:

Quora is the best question and answering site that helps build an authority and increase website traffic. It helps you drive traffic and also improve brand for your businesses.

Quora is known to every blogger and webmaster as this is a great source of direct/referral traffic. It is the place where you can ask questions and share answers on any topic. They help unite people of similar interest.


1.) Create an account with quora and complete your profile bio.

2.) Don’t forget to add your website link to your profile, so that it will help getting you more clicks. After that, choose your category that you are comfortable with and related to your niche.

3.) Add 10-15 relevant categories and search for the questions that you can provide the answer. Provide the best answer giving proper solution to the questions, explain with image and other media.

Quora can be a powerful traffic source for your website (or) blog if you use it wisely next to the social media. If any quora answer goes viral, it will generate steady source to your website repeatedly.


8.) Leverage Reddit:

It is another powerful social media platform that helps increase website traffic. You can get targeted traffic for your blog posts.

Register a free account with Reddit and find your relevant subreddits using the search box. Subscribe all those subreddits to get more information.

Start posting on subreddits by following their own set of rules and regulations. Also, engage yourself with other people in your community by answering their questions and respond their comments.

In replying comments and answering questions, try posting your post link if you found it most relevant to the contest. Always try to add value to your engagement and balance with your links.

Avoid spamming things on Reddit.


9.) Advertise everywhere:

PPC, CPC campaigns are the source of driving instant traffic. Paid search, display advertising are all excellent ways of getting targeted audiences.

But you need to invest some money to run these campaigns but this can be suitable for E-commerce sites and affiliate marketing sites etc.

You can adjust your budget based on your goals simultaneously proportional to traffic. If you want more conversions, you drive more traffic.

You can participate in Google AdWords, (or) find sites that let advertisers promote their links and products.



10.) Guest Blogging:

To increase website traffic you need contents to be published at regular intervals that interest your audience’s.

Guest Blogging is also similar activity but here you write articles for other blogger’s blog. This will help build your brand and also increase traffic from other trustable blogs out there.

There are some tips to start guest blogging and rules to follow before starting to write SEO optimized article for your blog.

You can also invite other bloggers and influencers to guest blog on your blog. This helps increase your keyword search rank in SERP pages.

Also, your blog has the opportunity to provide very high quality, research content that adds more interest for your visitors.


That’s it, friends,

As said, every blogger wanted his blog to be visited by many visitors across the world. We all start the blog for making some extra money (or) for passion.

But without audiences, who will appreciate our work? how do we get conversions?

Keeping this in mind, I have come up with this article which outlines a proven system that increases website traffic.

To be precise,

First I explained the necessary changes in On-page because you should have a compelling content to get the traffic.

Second I explained actionable to-do list to drive traffic using various resources available on the internet.


Finally, I hope you have utilized your time effectively. if you have suggestions (or) thoughts to share, let me know via comment section below.


Mohana Priya. G, Student pursuing B.Tech Information Technology, hailing from TamilNadu. Student and blogger by hobby, laying the road to transform blogging into a business.

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Increase website traffic: Proven system for SEO in 2018

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