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Everyone wants to start a blog for making money online by monetizing your blog. Great Idea EVER! Here I share three main things on how to start a blog, a beginner’s blogging guide shared from my own experience to teach another newbie’s on how to set up a blog with Word Press.

I wish you all success and May god bless you and God be with you.

But… How to get started? There are so much information’s available on the web and everyone expressing their own ideas and views from their blogging. I am so confused while I am a newbie too for blogging, on who to listen? And Who to follow?

Finally decided my own view to travel and started this blog ( in 2015 and now was in the stage of my journey about to kick-start from 2016. While at the beginning, I was so confused in blogging but one thing is I am strongly held on was, “Let’s start a blog to cast our own future”.

The first thing about starting an own blog is “Choosing a right niche for starting a blog“, what I mentioned already. I don’t want to again explain, “What is blogging? And Need for blogging“. As I already covered these two sections. Everyone wants to start a blog and make money.

In this article I may cover the following subjects:




A web hosting is a process of lending server space in internet servers where you host your website files and may serve to different users upon request. I advise going with a self-hosting rather choosing a free hosting provider such as Blogger, Word Press, Weebly etc. If you opted for self-hosting you will have a full control over your domain and customization option is more preferable for self-hosted domains over sub-domains.
Yet there are so many hosting providers out there, think to choose the best ones such as Blue Host, Go-Daddy, Green Geeks.

Things to be checked for choosing a best hosting plan:

  • Price
  • Features and Hard Ware
  • 24×7 Hrs customer support
  • Easy and Reliable Hosting support
  • Customer Reviews
  • Server Location and Downtime ratios
  • Control panel and User interface
  • Scalability

Here, you will learn how to set up hosting account with Go Daddy:

Click here to go to new window will open). Just click on “GET STARTED” and you will asked to choose a plan that suits your need for blogging.

Just tap on “GET STARTED” to insert key to open the door of success.



NOW select your web hosting plan and tap “CONTINUE”

Rather I would suggest you go with Business Plan which costs Rs 379/- per month and if you paid in advance for 1Year you will get 40% off. Each hosting plan will come with One Free Domain which is awesome welcoming for newbie bloggers. Tap on “ADD TO CART”


BUSINESS HOSTING PLAN provides 500GB Band-Width and 10GB Disk space and Un-limited Pages.

BAND-WIDTH is the actual amount of data that was transferred via a website at one time. It can be calculated by multiplying the actual page size with the number of pages and number of visitors at one time.

DISK-SPACE is the amount the space allocated on the server for your website files to be saved.
I just gave a hint to you and we shall move on actual article herewith.

Now, select 12Months pay in advance and save 40% of your money,


Scroll down and choose to select SSL Certificate if you opt for an E-Commerce type of websites or else just leave it and move ahead.
So, you selected to go for a Good Hosting plan and it is time to choose your brand domain name.



A Domain is nothing but a Website address like mine While you choose for Hosting Plan you will get one free domain, and hence you are now in opening your door to financial free future. Choose a keyword based domain now as seen in the image. I choose by the keyword SEO BLOGGING as

Make sure to add .com as your domain suffix as this is used as a recognized international domain name. Choose domain names that are

>> Easy to remember and spell
>> Try avoiding using Hyphens, numbers
>> Use Distinctive eye catching words


Choosing a proper keyword rich domain is a key task in your blogging success. Choose wisely and Google to get top keyword domain names.
After choosing your domain name, tap “SELECT & CONTINUE” and complete your billing information and Payment details.


Complete your “Billing Informations”




Now, all your login information’s will be emailed to your email ID, go and check your email ID. Now Login to your Go Daddy accounts using the Login Info.



SO, now you have just bought a reputed Web Hosting and Domain name to start your blogging career. It’s time to set up your Word Press in your domain. Just follow the steps to install Word Press.


Login to your GoDaddy account

Once logged in, you will be redirected to “Profile Home Page”, where you will get access to your Domain and Hosting.

Click on “MANAGE” positioned right side to HOSTING and now you will be taken to cPanel.

cPanel is the world’s best easy to use interface to maintain your website in Linux Servers. Go to cPanel and scroll down to see “Web Applications” tab and select “Word Press” >> Click “Install”


Complete the form carefully as it requires some technical knowledge. Once done, your Word Press site will be set up and ready to run.


After successful installation, all login credentials will be mailed to you. Now open your Gmail account and you may see “Welcome Mails” from Word Press. Open the mail >> take note of Login URL >> username >> password, as you are going to use these details more frequently from now.

Copy and paste the Login URL into the browser and enter your login username, password from where you will be taken to your Word Press website backend where you Post articles, customize, add or edit or apply new themes and plugins, do SEO, and all activities.

I would recommend you to select a theme from “MyThemeShop“. My theme shop is a dedicated source of Word Press Themes and Plugins, there are four categories of themes such as Magazine themes, Blog themes, Woo-commerce themes, Business theme. You can choose any theme that best suits your blog need. All theme costs $69 which is worth to invest.

You are now ready to start blogging.

Now if you think of a niche to start a blog, have a look at “Choosing a right niche for starting a blog“.
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Mohana Priya. G, Student pursuing B.Tech Information Technology, hailing from TamilNadu. Student and blogger by hobby, laying the road to transform blogging into a business.

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