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How to Monetize Your Blog to Make Money Online in 2019?

Start making money from your blog by monetizing using these ideas

There are so many different ways to make money from your blog online. But, make money blogging does not happen overnight as it takes time and effort.

Do not give up until you achieve success, but moving in a right direction, planning and working harder at early stages are the fuel for victory.

In previous stages, we have come up with various different activities and at the last, we launched a blog. Published some articles, and spread a word by using various promotional activities.

Now, let us assume your blog starts receiving some traffic from different sources.

Without traffic, you can’t even make a penny from your blog and so first focus on getting traffic from Search Engine, Social, Referral and direct sources.


1.) What are different monetization techniques?

1.1.) Pay Per Click Advertising
1.2.) Cost Per Mile Advertising
1.3.) Text Link Ads
1.4.) Affiliate Marketing
1.5.) Selling AD Spaces
1.6.) Sell your Own Products


2.) Other methods of making money from your blog

2.1.) Selling Courses Online
2.2.) Online Consultant
2.3.) Sponsorships
2.4.) Review Writing

1.) What are the different monetization techniques?


This is the easiest way to start making money from your blogging. From the name, you can easily guess that you get paid for every click made by your blog visitors.

Sign up to any of the recommended programs in the list below and copy and paste the AD-Code into your blog pages.

The provider will take care of the rest of the process including displaying relevant ads on your site.

Google AdSense is the best and most welcomed sources of making money blogging through Pay Per Click Advertising method.

It’s not easy to apply and get approved for this Adsense program because of their strict regulations and advertising policies.

Follow this guide to learn to start making money from Ad Sense Program.

The Pay per Click rates may vary depends on the advertiser and their bid on the ads. It also depends on the blog traffic and also determined by the targeted traffic from demographic sources.

So, to earn a lot of money you need a lot of traffic. Generally, a term named CTR(Click Through Ratio) will be commonly discussed in these PPC campaigns.

It is the ratio of the clicks per total impressions for the ad and it should be maintained at a marginal level set by Google. Crossing the limit will lead to account ban and not achieving the limit will not earn you huge money.

PPC ads are a good way of easy monetization of your blog, but seriously you need a lot of traffic and A/B tests to get better results.

Recommended Programs:

  • Google Ad Sense
  • Chitika
  • Clicksor
  • Bing Ads



This is similar to PPC advertising, but you will get paid not on pay per click basis, instead pay per 1000 impressions that the ad receives.

For example, let’s say your page has 5,00,000 views per month that displays a $1 CPM ad and you can generate $500 a month income.

There is no condition that your ad should get a click. Just displaying and getting impressions by driving traffic is enough to earn.

The income varies with the advertiser and they pay rate. Just like PPC campaign, the CPM also requires a lot of traffic to earn a decent income every month.

This program is suitable for websites with huge thousands of traffic and highest page views every day.


This type of advertising works similar to the other two types of advertising. But here you will place text link ads in place of the banner in between your contents.
Let’s assume you are writing a review article about a product and certainly you can place text-link ads in between the posts which are related to the product.

Now, after you publish the post, readers will come to read your post may click the text link to know what it has.

Either they may buy the product or the services or in both ways, you will get a commission.



This is the most profitable business when comparing other methods of monetization. In other methods, you need a lot of traffic to earn money. But, affiliate marketing doesn’t need a lot of traffic, even little quality traffic can do math.

This is a performance-based business model, where you will earn money as a commission for referring other merchant products or services on your blog.

You can promote anything in any industry and make commissions by selling their products.

All you need is to sign up for the best affiliate program’s in the world and choose a product from their store.

Each affiliate will be given a personalized dashboard to track all the sales, commissions, clicks, etc. After choosing the product you will get a unique referral code to place on your blog.

Very simple and similar to Google Ad Sense and other methods. When a user lands on your blog to read the information, and once they see the ad, they can make a purchase.

Many different types of advertisements available such as Banner Ads, Text Ads, Recommend Widgets, etc. You can use any one or all of the method to make money.

You will earn up to 75% commission per sale. For example, if you make a sale of a product price $100 and your affiliate commission was 50%, then you will earn $50 per sale.

Imagine if you could get 10 – 20 sales a month, you can easily make $1000 in the particular month.

Here’s the recommended affiliate business site list: ClickBank, ShareASale, Amazon Affiliates.



Most of the Contextual Display Advertising programs have strict TOS to follow and it’s not possible to get approval at your very first application for those programs.

Even Google AdSense alternatives have many strict regulations to satisfy to get approval. If you think, it bites difficult and frustrating, then goes for selling AD-Spaces to direct advertisers in your niche.

All you need is to create an “Advertise Here Page” and describe your blog, its purpose, add some traffic stat and fix your prices and ad location.

Place a contact form to let interested advertisers communicate with you and once everything going fine you can place the ad for money.

One of the best advantages of this method is that there is no intermediate person between you and the advertiser. You will get the money directly from your advertiser and you can fix the charges.



If you have any products that you made on your own, you can sell on your blog. Creating digital products such as you can create an educational video, write an E-book etc.

You can easily sell these products through your blog and get paid directly by the buyer. Do your best to create something useful in helping other people.

Explain the use of your product by writing a crisp article and finally at the end of the article, place a Buy Button to convert your visitors.

You can get paid through PayPal (If the buyer is from International) and/or through Electronic Payment System like NEFT or RTGS if the buyer within the country.

There are so many other ways of monetizing your blog to make money. And all that is possible only when you have a decent steady flow of traffic to your blog from various sources.

For this, you need a perfect content creating and marketing strategies in place. Update your blog with more useful and related quality contents to make your readers revisit your blog.


2.) Other methods of making money from your blog:

2.1.) Selling Courses Online:

You can create your own online course like I did and sell. Creating a digital course will consume more time, but by putting your sincere dedication when you come up with a great course, you can make more money indeed.


2.2.) Online Consultant:

This is another way to make money from your blog. You can teach others in the area of your expertise through your blog. This can definitely bring a lucrative income on a long term. It can be anything but you should have sound in what you are teaching others.


2.3.) Sponsorships:

You can sponsor anything on your blog if your blog was hosted on self-hosting environment. To make money from this method, you need a lot of traffic. You can create a sponsored posts (or) featured posts, place sponsored ads in the side-bar and generate money.


2.4.) Review Writing:

I saw few blogs making money just by review writing work. They charge around some $100 – $500 per post of the high-quality article. Normally, you can easily make some dollars if you have such regular review writing job on your blog. To make this, your blog should have a more visitors.


Still, there are more ways to generate income from your blog, but I will come with all the possible ways in later days.

Next, we came to the climax of this course. Up to now, you have crossed various stages of creating a perfect blogging business and as a final thought, I want to you feed some knowledge and information about How to become a successful blogger?

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