How to choose a domain name for your blog in 2018?

The first step in starting a blog is to choose a domain name that is unique with keywords


Hi friends, How are you? Today I had come up with an idea of writing about a helpful topic, “Choose a domain name” for your blogging business in 2018.

2017 is going to over and most people already preparing for the new coming year 2018. We can expect a lot of things going to change in 2018 in the blogging industry.

However, the foundation can never be changed and it always is as it is and in this article, we will be going to discuss choosing the domain name.

A domain name is very needed for a perfect blogging business because it is your real name in the virtual world of blogging.

When you are about to create a website (or) a blog, you need two most important things.

i.) An Internet server to host your website files.

ii.) A name for your site, called a domain name.

choose a domain name

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The blog is the virtual property of your online business where people come to your place either read your stuff (or) purchase something you have shared.

So, you should have utmost care to choose a domain name that is easily remember-able and have values itself.

Picking a good domain name is like buying a house at a right place/town.

In this article, we will discuss the preliminary activities to be performed in choosing the best domain name and will see the different domain registrars in India and outside.

At the end of this article, you will come up with a right decision to name your business.


What do you learn now?

What is a Domain Name?

1.) Stick to .com extension
2.) KISS [Keep it simply simple] 3.) Include Keywords
4.) Avoid Hyphens
5.) Think easy to pronounce
6.) Keep it Unique
7.) Think of Branding
8.) Allow space to Expand

Other important aspects of choosing a domain name

9.)Target a location
10.) Research the name
11.) Avoid double letters

The place to find domain names



What is a Domain Name?

A Domain name, otherwise called as website name is simply an alphabet character that represents an Internet Protocol (IP) of a resource (website/blog) hosted on an internet server.

Normally, the computer’s communicate with each other by stamping their IP address. But it is difficult for the user’s to remember the number and hence formed a method called as DNS (Domain Name System) which came into existence.

This system assigns a alphabet character instead of IP for every website registered on the internet. When you register a domain with any registrar, they will assign a IP for your domain name but you will get only the name you have chosen.

The registrar is a company that reserves the right to register and manage domain names around the world.

Let’s discuss these things in other section and we shall move into the actual article purpose, How to choose a domain name for your blog in 2018?


1.) Stick to .com extension:

The domain names are categorized into different tiers and domains with .com extensions hold the top position and it is called as Tier – 1 domain names.

Other domain names such as .net, .org, .biz are available (tier – 2). Country targeted domain name extensions such as .in,, .asia, .uk, are also available (tier – 3).

Niche-based domain name extensions such as .pizza, .photography, .domains, .shop etc are being rarely used by few merchants for their business.

But, SEOBloggingTricks always recommend finding a domain name with .com extension. Dot-com domain is still the most established and credible domain name extension and it has a global value.

Dot-com domains are the most memorable by many people and normally, they type the domain name with .com extension in their browser without thinking about it.

This is one of the biggest value for many brands to easily reach out to new audiences around the world.

Search Engines also trust sites with domains ending with .com extension. Hence, this will be the first instance of starting a blog.

P.S: If you are about to build a brand around your domain name, you should buy same domain names with different extensions such as .net, .biz, .org and country level extension such as, .in (as I am from India)


2.) KISS [Keep it simply simple]:

Maybe your business was about selling furniture and home equipment. Let’s assume, your name was Mr. Loganath. So, in this case, how you will choose a domain name?

My Guess:


This is not a wise decision to choose such a lengthy domain name for your business. You should choose a different short domain name for your business like:

All these domain names will do good for your business. It’s not necessary to mention your name in the domain name.

Choose a domain name that’s easy to type and easy to remember. Do not use short letter’s (or) slang in your domain name, as it makes harder to find your site.

P.S.: Choose a short name that are brandable and easy to remember by other people. It’s better if you try to reveal your nature of business in the domain name.

For example: Take my domain name

In this blog, I focus mainly on SEO Blogging that helps people to start and run a successful blog on any niche. They can use my ideas and tricks as is and as available on my blog to get their own business rank well.


3.) Include Keywords:

Keywords are the defined as the one (or) two words, (or) defined as a phrase that has a decent search volume in the search engine for a period of 30Days.

Including your focus keyword in your domain name and end with .com extension will really going to do a lot wonder for your business.

Same example again: Take my domain name

This blog mainly focuses on teaching SEO tips and tricks to new bloggers and experienced bloggers. As my prime business was teaching SEO, and I have included them in the domain name is an added value too.

Try adding your keyword at the beginning of the domain name is a better to choose a domain name.


4.) Avoid Hyphens:

Do not use hyphens to choose a domain name as this will look something odd. Also, it looks annoying when you do word-of-mouth advertising.

My domain name was SEOBLOGGINGTRICKS.COM, it is looking neat and clean.

The same can be written as, how it looks?


Yes, so avoid having hyphens in choosing your domain name is a best idea.


5.) Think easy to pronounce:

The domain name should be easily shareable with other people (or) when speaking as well as when writing.

It should be easy to spell and understand for any listener in front of you.

Hey, I can’t come with up with an example here. But I can help you in this process, just hire my services here.


6.) Keep it Unique:

Uniqueness is most important in every business because of growing competition in the worldwide market. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to pick a domain name that is something unique and has a value.


7.) Think of Branding:

This is also a most important factor to consider to choose a domain name. Because you can always depend on some sources of traffic. Learn the different sources of traffic you can drive for your blog.

Yes, you should work on creating your own brand that most people can remember. Also, it must be unique, catchy and memorable.

Take the example,,, These are brands in their niche industry and so it’s not necessary to work to increase their name popularity.


8.) Allow space to Expand:

It’s an another smart tip in choosing a good domain name for any business. In most cases, people will start their business and offer small services (or) sell few products.

But after some days, they may get an opportunity to expand their business and at that time, your existing domain name should not limit your growth in any way.

Taking above example:

The merchant deals with only home furniture in the beginning, after some days when they expand their business in dealing office furniture’s, showroom furniture’s etc, the existing domain name won’t be suitable for their business.

So, always think a name that represents a topic wider as this will help in future in case if you expand your business.


Other important aspects of choosing a domain name:

9.)Target a location:

If your business is targeted to a specific location, you can add the name of the location with the domain name.

This will help you get more audiences and name in that location. This is suitable for some niche business such as for an example, Pizza delivery business in Chennai.

The domain name be:


10.) Research the name:

Make sure you have chosen a domain name that isn’t another business trademark, copyright (or) being used by another person.

This could arise in losses to your business, you may lose your domain and lead to face legal issues.

Go to GoDaddy, Bluehost who were the largest reseller’s of domain names with extensive database and this may help you in finding a proper domain name.


11.) Avoid double letters:

For example,

In the above example, people may often confuse what to type in their browsers and this leads to traffic loss because of typo mistakes. So better avoid choosing a domain name with double letters to avoid confusion.


The place to find domain names:

There are some registrars where you can register your domain name. This is entirely your choice to choose a domain name registrar and for your convenience, I have recommended some below.



GoDaddy is the biggest domain name resellers in the entire world. They are one of the most popular registrars where most people fond to register their domains.

You can find a great deal while registering domains and it starts from Rs. 99 INR. Register a domain name for your new business today using this one -time offer.

They offer free hosting on some purchases to retain their customer’s.



Blue host is one of the largest domain resellers trusted by most of the people around the world.

Powering over 2 million domains across the world along with their fast reliable hosting support.

You can start with just $ 2.99 with the free domain name.


Important points: Normally each new domains will be registered for only one year. You should renew your domain name after a year.


Last Thoughts,

In this article, I have shared one of the most vital elements in starting a blog. Choose a domain name is like naming your baby and it will last forever for your business.

Keep these tips in mind before registering your domain name. Take some time to make a thorough research to choose a best and optimal name for your online business.

SEOBloggingTricks helps people who have the real interest to make money online by blogging. We will help you in all process starting from Domain Registration to blog setup and launch.

You can immediately start a blogging business with SEOBloggingTricks.

If you like this article, kindly share a word about this piece of information to your network. Comment your suggestions and ideas.


Mohana Priya. G, Student pursuing B.Tech Information Technology, hailing from TamilNadu. Student and blogger by hobby, laying the road to transform blogging into a business.

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How to choose a domain name for your blog in 2018?

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