Making Money Blogging: How do Blogger’s Make Money?

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Every people wants to Make Money Blogging. Do you ever think about How do Bloggers Make Money? Learn Five Blog Monetization Tips

Every people likes making money blogging and you too right? Of course, you can do that. In recent days the internet has developed a lot and skyrocketing with the latest technology.

The computers once were purchased and used only for business have now changed a lot. It is even used for entertainment purposes and once it is connected to the Internet, you can find many opportunities to utilize your free time finding useful things.

Everyone wants to make money and when you search this keyword, “How do bloggers make money?” on Google, you will get tons of results.

Filtering all the results and you can find Blogging is the easiest way of generating a passive income online.

Bloggers Make Money Blogging

As per their advice, you started a blog and at the beginning, you posted some content either written by yourself or hired someone to write.

Now, when I ask you, Are you making money from your blog?

What will be the answer?

Still exploring ways to make money from blogging..!

OK, Let me show you the possible ways of generating income from your blog. No matter which group was your blog was in, either it’s a business blog or a hobby blog – It is possible to make money.

How Does Bloggers Make Money from their Blog?

So you started a blog after long research on the Internet for making money blogging. Before that Let me ask you a few questions?

Why do you want to start a blog?

What are you going to showcase or present on your blog?

How do you want to run your, blog?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, better look for other ways of making money online. If you are passionate about any subject and if you have writing skills, then blogging definitely will give you money.

Making money blogging is a better alternative path for your job life. One can make living from blogging if they know how a blogger makes money?

Further, I am going to share my views on different monetization methods to generate decent revenue from blogging.

1. Contextual Display Advertisements
2. Display Banner or Text AD Advertisements
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Selling your own products or services
5. Selling AD-Spaces to Direct Advertisers

Further, in this article, we will be going to reach out with further in-depth knowledge about different monetization methods of blogging.

1. Contextual Display Advertisements

Contextual Display Advertising is a form of advertising targeted ads based on the content analysis done by automated software. The ads served are very much related to the page content, display media, etc.

The advertisements themselves are selected and served by some automated systems based on the identity of the USER and the content displayed.

Courtesy Source: — Wikipedia

The best example of this system is Google Ad Sense and Yahoo Bing Ads. When you have a blog with decent traffic, you then submitting your blog to their program.

Later they will give you a javascript to add to your Blog Pages. Once you installed the script, it starts scanning your web page contents and your user searching contents.

For example, if your blog was a sports niche and in one of your post, you have covered a topic of Cricket

Google Ad Sense, will scan the content of the post and starts displaying ADS related to cricket such as upcoming sports events ticket sellers in your area, Cricket sports accessories sellers’ information and prices, etc.

In the same blog, if you have written a post on Football, then when you open that page you will ads related to Football only and not cricket.

This is called a Contextual Display Advertisement. This is also used by search engines to target keywords on their searches and shows ads based on the keywords in their result pages.


There is no need to manage the ADs, as there is a system to maintain everything. Easy installation process. Submit an application and after approval, copy the ad-code, and paste it on your blog page.


If you enabled Google Ad Sense, because of their strict regulations, you cannot opt for any second advertising method.

The same ad has different rates based on your targeted country.

Programs I Recommend

If you enabled Google Ad Sense, because of their strict regulations, you cannot opt for any second advertising method.
1. Google Ad Sense
2. Bing Ads

2. Display Banner or Text Ads Advertisements

Display advertising is a type of online advertising program that comes in several forms including text ads, display banners, rich media, and much more. Courtesy Source: — Wikipedia

It is slightly different from a Contextual display advertisement as it does not scan your user activities or your page content. It works on the principle called CPC/PPC (Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click) ads.

You can find these advertisements on Social Media and E-commerce sites. As a blogger, you can place these banners on your blog post-side-bar or between contents or above or below your articles, etc.

Whenever your ad gets clicked by your blog users or visitors, you will get paid.


There is no need to look for new advertisers because it is automatically handled by the program you applied for. Different variety of Banners, Text ads, Flash banners, animated banners available so you will get the highest CTR.


You will not get 100%  commission because the program will acquire some percentage.

Payment is not immediate and you will get next month for the previous month’s earnings.

Programs I Recommend

If you enabled Google Ad Sense, because of their strict regulations, you cannot opt for any second advertising method.
1. Google Ad Sense
2. Bidvertiser3. Chitika

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is another method of making money from blogging. Let’s first recall How the Affiliate Marketing system works?

It is a performance-based business model that lets an individual make money by selling other merchant products or services.

You will earn a commission if your blog visitors or audiences makes a sale, Either if they buy the product or they pay for the services (depends on your promotion)

The sites I do recommend were Commission Junction, ShareASale, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. This business needs some paperwork before starting because choosing the right product or service is the most important factor that determines success.

It works very similarly to the above two methods,

1.) You Register an account.

2.) Choose the right product or services to sell.

3.) Copy the affiliate link and paste it on your blog pages.

4.) Start promoting your blog and upon successful sales, you will get a commission

You can create a huge income from this program. Why? Because.,

For example, If you make a sale of a product of value $100, let’s assume 50% commission, you will get $50 per sale.

Similarly, if you make 5Sales in one day, you will earn $250 very easily.

In Contextual Display Advertisement or PPC, CPC campaign you will earn $0.001 to $1 per click. It takes a lot of time to make $250 every day and also demographic location influences the price per click.

But, in this case, Affiliate Marketing the price of the product is the same throughout the world and your earnings will not change.


Easy to earn $50, $100 on one single day. The prices of the product are the same throughout the different locations.


Needs a lot of A/B testing based on your blog niche.

Takes much time to generate a decent and income.

4. Sell your Own Products or Services

If you are a blogger, looking for an alternative source of income from your blog then you can opt for this method.

In this option, you can sell your own products or services to the people, because your market is the world.

You can sell digital products such as,


Online Courses / Workshops

Apps, Plugins, etc.

You can offer your services such as,

Online Teaching

Online Tutoring

Consultant services (SEO Consultant, Vasthu Consultant, Automotive consultant[Second-hand car, bike seller])

With just a blog, there are so many different ways to make money. Every blogger makes money through a different style.

I have seen some people were making money blogging by selling their services to the people. You can sell anything on your blog.

5. Selling AD-Spaces to Direct Advertisers

It’s not necessary to work with advertising networks throughout your blogging career because once you end up with huge traffic, advertisers may contact you directly and ask for placing ads on your site.

Else, you can even contact advertisers directly. Create a page on your blog and name as “Advertise here”.

Post some stats on your blogs such as Alexa Rank, the Demographic location of your audiences, Daily traffic stat from Analytics, and some other stats if possible.

This is the most feasible method to make money blogging that gets you to earn in a shorter period from your blog. This works very similarly to the first method – Contextual Display Advertisement and the second method – Display Banner or Text-ads Advertisement.

In the above methods, there is a program(middle-men) between you and the advertiser that holds complete responsibility in displaying advertiser AD.

Here, you need to take responsibility and satisfy your advertiser with their need for giving them optimum leads, quality leads,s and committed sales for their AD.


You can directly contact the advertiser, No Middle-men. You can set your own price and choose your AD-Display.


The blog owner holds the responsibility of giving the desired results to the advertiser.

Need to give committed leads or sales or traffic to their banners ad or text link ads.

How Much Money Can You Make from a Blog?

Not every blogger earns lakhs by blogging and it depends on many factors. You should do blogging as an occupation to achieve success.

How often you blog?

The quality of your content?

Present competition in the market?

Your promotional strategy in building audiences.

The utilization of different techniques to drive traffic.

You should treat your blog as your main business to make a decent income from your blog every month.

Success won’t come to you quickly, it takes time and your sincere dedication, effort, and interest.

A survey states from in 2012 states, 17% of bloggers are able to sustain their lifestyle and support their family from their blogs. 81% never makes even $100 from blogging. The other 2% spends less than 2Hrs a day blogging but make more than $150k.

Thanks for the info: Lifehacker

Just starting a blog does not make you rich and you need practical knowledge of running your blog. Understand your audiences and deliver quality content. Build a relationship and create a strong bond with the influencers and Guru in your niche.

Certainly, you can able a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars from your blog but it depends on your plan and working strategy.

How Do I Start My Own Blog?

There are tons of articles on this topic and even I ask you to go to this page to get further information on how to start blogging?

Anyhow, it’s my duty to write a few important points here to remember the steps.

Choose your passion and interest.

Register a domain name and purchase hosting.

Install WordPress and start writing content.

Publish your articles and promote your blog.

Once your blog starts receiving traffic from different sources you can then start monetizing any one of the methods above.

Are There any Other Sources a Blogger can Make Money?

Monetizing a blog is not limited to the five methods which were represented above. After all, there are so many options to make money blogging.

Sell Memberships

Another option to make money is by selling memberships on your website. For example, if you are running a job board you can charge some fee to access the premium section of your portal.

If you are running a classified blog, there too you can charge a membership fee for premium listing or urgent listings, etc.

I have seen some forum sites asking for a membership fee for discussion with the industry’s top influencers and Guru’s.

Recurring Income Blog

It is being rarely used category of generating income from making money blogging. I can see some bloggers do experiments with this method.

This is where readers or site visitors pay a regular recurring fee for accessing premium content, or for use of some services, tools, coaching, etc.

Let’s share your journey to make money blogging:

I hope this article has helped you get a solution to how bloggers make money?

I am constantly trying to improve my blog by producing more quality articles on different topics.

Without you, it is not possible as I need your suggestions and improvement tips.

Did I miss any other method of blog monetization? Notify me here in the comments.

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