Complete guide to make money with Event Blogging

Many bloggers found Event Blogging a nice to make quick money online in a shorter period, learn how to do blogging

Blogging on the internet is the best source of making money online so far ever. But it takes more time to build a successful blog and to monetize them to make money. In BTW this, if you want to make some quick money then you can do Event Blogging by putting a little effort.

Continue reading this article to reveal the myth behind makes faster revenue through blogging.

What is Event Blogging?

As you all know the ways to make money from blogging, in this article you will learn about a new idea of blogging, which is otherwise called as Event Blogging. These blogs were created to focus on any particular event such as New Year, Pongal, Christmas, Valentine ’s Day etc.

I actually mean to say is targeting a particular event for blogging and monetizing it with contextual ads, affiliate marketing and making some quick money. This blog is only for a shorter period of time until that special event occurs.


This event based blogging will drive tons of traffic in a very shorter period and it voices only during the event period. The main purpose of this event blogging was to earn maximum revenue within a very shorter period of time.

It also requires proper On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques to get immediate success on it. So now let us go read this article to get the complete idea to start niche based event blog.

How you can make money from Event Blogging?

You can make money through following ways in Event Blogging and those are:

  • Google Adsense,
  • Selling your own product,
  • Affiliate Marketing such as SFI, CJ, ShareASale etc
  • Infolinks and/or Chitika,
  • Direct Banner and Display Advertising.


What are the steps to be taken for Event Blogging?

Choose an UpComing Event

Now, you come to know a little idea about what is Event Blogging? and how you can make money from them. But it requires some steps to follow.

Of course, the first step is to choose an upcoming event that is nearing.

Some categories for your idea: National Holidays, Sports Events, Special Occasions, Movie Releases, Local and national events etc.

National Holidays such as New Year, Pongal, Diwali, Mayday, Christmas etc.

Sports Events such as Cricket Matches, Foot Ball tournaments etc.

Special Occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day etc

Movie Releases such as Audio Release of a movie, review of a movie etc.

Local and national events meant to say were: National Awards day, Vijay Super Awards, Hollywood Awards etc.

So, I have given some collection of information for your reference. You can even take an idea from here or you can think a different one.

Remember, you should have a keen knowledge about the event for blogging you have chosen or otherwise you will end up with empty handed.

Second thing is to spend time to write quality content with proper keyword research. Choose an event with most searches in SERP pages. I had explained more detail later in this article.

Proper Time to Start:

After running through the serious process, you need to schedule a better time to start your blogging. It varies with your experience and I recommend you to start before 30days of the actual event.

This would give you a better time to prepare yourself (choosing an event, register a domain name, purchasing hosting, a blog set up) for the mass launch.


How to build your blog for events?

Purchasing a domain and hosting:

Now it’s time to think about purchasing a suitable domain name for event blogging because it is very much an important ranking factor in SEO. Keyword rich domain name will speak louder than domain names without the keyword.

Because, if you are going to start a type of E-commerce business then thinking about keyworded domain name is not necessary just register any domain of your choice. But for blogging, it is very much important to choose a domain name with primary keyword.

I recommend you do a thorough keyword research about the event using various available tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Ahrefs etc.


Filter the keyword with high monthly average searches say more than 1,00,000 searches and copy those keywords in an excel sheet.

Also, keep an eye on competitors so as this will help you to stand out of the crowd.

The target for long tail keywords with heavy monthly searches which yield additional more traffic to your domain.

I recommend going with Godaddy for registering a new domain as low as Rs.109/- INR ($2).

Type in the main keyword and you will get many suggestions. Choose any one of the domain names that is having your primary keyword. Also you can use any extensions such as .com, .biz, .info, .net, etc.

For an example, if your event is Valentine’s Day, then based on keyword research your keyword was Valentine’s Day special gifts.

Go search for the domain name which should consist of these keyword Valentine’s day special gifts. Some examples were:





Godaddy charges only $2 for the first year of registration.


Purchasing a Hosting:

Now, you got your domain name for the event blogging. Without hosting your domain won’t go live over the internet and hence it is mandatory to choose a reliable hosting.

Godaddy itself offers hosting packages starting from Rs.99/-. You can go for free hosting such as Google’s Blogger and Word Press but it is not recommended.

Free hosting may put an end to your domain at any time without prior notice.

Prefer a premium hosting package from any reputed hosting companies. Just follow this simple guide which explains about blog set up with Godaddy and Word Press.


Preparing for launch:

Once domain name and hosting were set, it’s time to go live. But you need quality contents so as to welcome visitors and serve them what they look for? This is what search engines would love.

A word, Content is King and this thus fits here too. There are so many things you need to follow to write a perfectly optimized SEO article to get your blog to rank well.

Tips to note:

1.) Write articles of more than 1500 Words with detailed explanation and in-depth research. So as this will make your visitors stay longer and they might share them also. Google loves long articles.

2.) Include primary keyword and Long tail keyword:

While writing your article, include your primary keywords and sometimes long tail keyword where ever possible. Do not stuff your content with keywords as this may lead to Google Panda Penalty.

3.) Include your primary keywords in Header tags (H1, H2, … H6) and headings and sub-headings of the paragraph.

4.) Include long tail keywords in your First and last sentences of the paragraph.

5.) Maintain a keyword density of not more than 2%.


Use Images:

A single image may explain whole things in an entire page. So, add appropriate images wherever required in order to avoid your blog visitors being bored when reading your article.

Add Image ALT tags to let Web crawlers, bots to know what is there in the image?

Once you are ready with your article, then post them on your blog and go live.


Doing SEO for your Event based niche blogging?

SEO is an activity of driving potential targeted traffic to your blog through search engines, social networks etc. There are two types of SEO and those were On Page SEO and Off page SEO.

Some of the On-Page SEO factors you need to keep in mind was:


A deep researched based article with more than 1500 words as explained above already.

Meta Tags:

Meta Tags are the information in the machine readable format which describes a page. It consists of Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Robots etc. I think I had already covered an article which explains about these tags in my blog.

Importance of Meta Tags in On-Page SEO

Header Tags (H1, H2, …. H6)

Header Tags are also called as heading and/or sub-headings. A lengthy article should be separated into small paragraphs and suitable title should be given.

In SEO, these titles were called Header Tags. I think now you will understand.

Place proper header tags at right places to let visitors know what you are going explain in the article below.

Some other important factor to be considered and applied while writing the article was:

  1. Adding proper images with alt tags,
  2. Giving internal and external links related to the article,
  3. Include keywords in the page URL.


Some of the Off-Page SEO factors you need to keep in mind was:

Off-page SEO simply called building backlinks or link building.

If you want your blog to rank better, I mean no. 1 position you should have a lot of quality backlinks pointing to your niche based event blogging from other trusted blogs.

Following are the ways to build quality Back Links:

Blog Commenting: Commenting is an art of appreciation of work from other blog owners in your niche and same way getting a back link as a token of appreciation. Find similar blogs in your niche and post valuable, useful comments to get backlinks.

Forum participation: Find a forum in your niche and join the discussion with similarly minded peoples. Give a value to them and that will invite those group members to visit your blog.

Social Bookmarking: Find a list of social bookmarking pages and bookmark your blog URL.

Directory Submission: Submit your blog URL to different directories. Submit to at least 50 directories in your niche.

Article submission: There are so many article submission sites available. Submit articles that value to them to get backlinks. This will give Do-follow sometimes which add more weight to your SEO.

Social Sharing: Use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr platform most effectively. Create a group and invite your contacts. Share your Blog URL with them.

Email Marketing: Buy an Email List and create a series of an Email campaign. Start sending emails which will drive direct traffic to your blog. It is bit expensive but profitable.

Display Advertising: Opt for Banner display advertisements (Site-wide Links) of similar blogs in your niche who already have thousands of page views daily.

All these techniques will get you quality back-links from other domains which will make your site stronger enough to rank higher in SERP pages. These methods are called as White Hat method and it takes the time to show your reputation.

The main aim of Event based niche blogging is to make money in a shorter time. Without traffic, in a shorter period, you cannot make money. The only way is to follow Black Hat SEO Techniques such as Link farming, writing keyword stuffed articles, PBN networking, Asking for Site-wide Links from same niche etc.

This may push you higher in a little period but you will be caught easily and put under penalty. Think about this way if you don’t want your event blogging to run for the long term even after many days of the events passed.


Few Important points to note in event blogging:

  1. Time is very important, start 30Days prior before the event starts.
  2. Try to get backlinks from higher DA and PA than your domain name.
  3. Purchase domain six months before the event, because of domain age matters in ranking.
  4. Monitor your Back Link profile every day.
  5. Get back links for at least 100 – 250 different anchor texts from different domains.
  6. Write quality lengthy contents and apply all SEO techniques.
  7. Choose unique, stunning theme and templates for your blog.
  8. Build strong internal links, linking every post with one another.
  9. Get Site Wide Links (Display Advertisements) from higher DA/PA blogs.



Monetizing your blog:

So you have set everything to make money from event blogging. Monetizing is the final step in this process and you can start once your domain receiving more than 500 – 750 page views every day.

Google Adsense was the best suggestion because you will get more affiliates with higher CTRs. Place ads at the right place to convert them into clicks.

If you don’t have Google Ad Sense, then you can use Yahoo Bing Ads, Chitika and other CPA programs such as Infolinks, Ad Brite, Adhitz etc. All works i the same principle as Ad Sense but income might vary.

Affiliate Marketing also speaks. Create a free account with Amazon, Commission Junction etc., promote their affiliate links. Convert visitors into leads and earn commissions.

Moreover, if you have more than 1,00,000 page views you can go for direct banner advertisements or product sales which will increase your revenue over time.


Anyhow, if is already proven that you can make $1000 – $5000 in a very shorter period with Event Blogging. But simple thing you have to keep in mind is to work with Patience and focus.

Research about other successful event bloggers in your field, analyze them, and apply their way of blogging.

This is it, which explains all angle of Event Blogging? This article will give you an idea about how to make money from blogging in a shorter period.

Hope if you have any similar ideas and tips that adds value, please feel free to comment here.


Mohana Priya. G, Student pursuing B.Tech Information Technology, hailing from TamilNadu. Student and blogger by hobby, laying the road to transform blogging into a business.

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Complete guide to make money with Event Blogging

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