Choosing a right niche for starting a blog.


The best way for starting a blog is particularly based around a niche. I would like to express here my thoughts about certain things in creating a niche based topic on the internet. I am sure it might help to a certain extent for you, the readers of this article:

In the previous article, I posted on Need for Blogging, and types of blogging. Here in this article, I move forward towards certain extent in Choosing a right topic for blogging..


Do you have an interest in the topic?

The first and most thing to come up in creating a niche based blog are that “Are you really in interested in the topic that you deal with it in your blog”.

Friends, blog are a written expression of your mindset in the topic you focus on and hence it is necessary in this case that you must be more relative about the topic you intended on it. Creating a blog by identifying your own interests and passions is considered to be more important in your successful blogging carrier.

The main reason why am continuously insisting on this question is that Many readers easily judge your blog on reading your articles – whether you are passionate about your niche related blogs. Usually, peoples show interest only on an article written with belief and content, if you not passionate about the topic peoples won’t really trust in your blog.

Final Note: Choosing a right niche (topic) is the first most important in blogging. Be passionate and relative on the topic you choose.


Whether Topic has enough reached?


Blog for bloggers and readers is what continuously am insisting on through, rather than choosing a right topic for blogging, it is also necessary to know whether the topic has enough reach among the peoples you are targeting. Obviously keep in mind, since you are going present an article on the topic you interested on among millions of peoples across worldwide, and not only the part of it.

Different peoples have different opinions about what they are reading about, and hence it is up to you to provide them with enough subjects on your article, actually what they are here for a reason.


Are those topics having competition?

Although I bet, you might fond of choosing a niche that is already popular among the peoples. My kind advice is that it is the point where most of the bloggers get trapped in their blogging journey as many new bloggers tend to choose a popular topic for blogging with not enough awareness on the competition that they might be going to face in their nearby future.

Since web is developing day by day and more and more peoples in the internet had might already be posted as many articles on the same niche that you planned for starting, it is true fact and hence you must have some outstanding skills in this area of blogging (Choosing and blogging for highly competitive topic).

Personal note: Rather than choosing a most competitive topic, plan for choosing a particular area in that topic and this might surely work as this will even get you a turnaround success.


Do you have enough content on a topic chosen?

One of the keen successful ways for a blogger to get succeeded in their blogging is that creating a rich content on a highly competitive niche.
Think about, do you have enough sources for your contents as these days there are many tools available to help you out with the content you needed on.

Some tools related to it are Google News, Yahoo News, and certain others.


Does your topic have income potential?

Many bloggers have this question in their mind that rose up first ever before them planning for blogging, “Will the topic chosen has certain income potential”.

Yes, of course, it is the first question that ever comes out when a person had a thought of starting a blog. It is up to your own interest before choosing your topic for blogging whether it has income potential.



At this point, after going through my article I may sure that you had cleared about choosing a right topic. But, keep in mind before choosing a topic; plan for a topic that you really interested and passionate on. Almost, today most topics have competition and certain weakness.

I advise you to get to work on those weaknesses for your successful blogging.


Mohana Priya. G, Student pursuing B.Tech Information Technology, hailing from TamilNadu. Student and blogger by hobby, laying the road to transform blogging into a business.

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Choosing a right niche for starting a blog.

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