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About Priya, Admin of SEO Blogging Tricks Blog

SeoBloggingTricks.com was started by myself (G, Mohana Priya), a technical blog to teach, guide, source all my experience for novice blogger’s and beginner blogger’s about successful running of a blogging.


Why Blogging?

Every people want to make some extra income and when taking account of different available opportunities, blogging was the best.

Yes, It helps to create a lucrative passive long-term income.

This was the myth even why I started blogging? But the real fact is difficulties.

Yes, the road is not smooth anywhere, have to face a lot of struggles, difficulties, and problems. But overcoming those hurdles successfully will do the math.

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About Priya. G

I am currently pursuing my B.Tech Information Technology, and from Tamil Nadu.

You can ask me why and what made me decide to blog?

My Brother, who was a professional online entrepreneur was my inspiration to start this blog.

I have learned many things from the blogging gurus and this Internet has helped a lot.


Whats special with SEO Blogging Tricks?

Of course, this blog was started to teach blogging. But if you ask for anything special, I will answer, you will not going to learn some theories but my practical experience.

You know, learning from mistakes makes the better future and helps to achieve success.

I share my experience’s, you fix your mistakes and grow your career.

Simple Huh!

That’s the reason for SEO Blogging Tricks.

My aim is to become a distinct SEO analyst and a Web Programmer and as a starting milestone in my online career, I started this blog. In this blog, I am going to express my own ideas and real workouts on how I carried my blogging?

As in this era, everyone and for every business, a website behaves like a gateway to explore their offers or services or products and hence it becomes a mandatory to have a website to all needs.

This blog is useful for the beginners who were thinking to start a blog for their online career neither to express their project or personal things nor for their business purposes. I try to cover in all subjects randomly to the maximum extent so as it will be useful for all.


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Follow my Blog:

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Twitter: @seoblogging

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